Dancing on a Cloud

The Dancing on a Cloud special effect is the perfectly alluring and attractively unique element to add to any special moment during your reception. Whether it be the Grand Entrance, First Dance,  or another special moment during your event, you’ll be sure to expect some amazing memories. The “cloud” effect is a low laying, billowy and smokeless vapor, a perfectly safe option for indoor venues. This will not set off smoke detectors/alarms as it is not a fog machine. As such, the cloud does not rise through the air and dissipate like fog. It is a safe option for dance floors that will not leave a wet surface behind. You can choose to add colored up lighting to it or leave it perfectly as is; either way, you’ll love how this romantic element adds the right touch of ambiance to your wedding day memories. Wedding photographers and videographers state time and again how they love capturing this special effect on camera.

Dancing on a cloud service allows for 2 special uses throughout the night and starts at $325 & up when contracted with other Nightlife services. When Dancing on a cloud service is desired as a stand a lone option without our DJ services, the price starts at $450 plus a travel fee.